How Will Dry Eye Remedy Benefit Me?

In Dry Eye Remedy, Dr. Latkany explains how your environments at home, work and play can affect your eyes. You will learn how to best manage your environments and make adjustments to your nutrition, habits and behaviors for the health of your eyes.

Throughout the book, you will answer lifestyle questions such as those shown below and then learn if your eyes are at risk. This is followed by discussion as to how changing risky items can benefit your eyes.




Do you spend more than two hours a day watching television?

Is your television screen positioned higher than your head?

Do you spend time at your home computer?

Is your computer monitor positioned in such a way that you look upward at it

Is your favorite chair in the living room in the path of heated or cooled air from your heating or air-conditioning unit?

Do you tend to cook with hot spices and other
fragrant ingredients?

Do you prefer baths to showers?

Is your bed situated in such a way that currents of dry air from outside or from a heating or air-conditioning unit cross your face?

Do you sleep fewer than seven hours a night?

If you answered yes to four or more of the above questions, your
eyes will benefit from the recommendations about lifestyle
behavior covered in Dry Eye Remedy.