Dry Eye Remedy Resources - Eye Drops


Advanced Eye Relief, Lotemax, and Alrex
Bausch & Lomb
1 Bausch & Lomb Place
Rochester, NY 14604
Bausch & Lomb offers over-the-counter Advanced Eye Relief artificial tear products and the low-potency topical steroid drops, Lotemax and Alrex.

MiniDrops Eye Therapy
Optics Laboratory Inc.
9480 Telstar Avenue, Suite 3
El Monte, CA 91731
MiniDrops are preservative-free artificial tears.

Nature’s Tears EyeMist
Nature’s Tears
Bio-Logics Aqua Technologies
PO Box 400
Grants Pass, OR 97528
Nature’s Tears is a non-allergenic, preservative-free spray moisturizer for the eyes for those patients who are averse to using eye drops.

Restasis and Refresh
Allergan, Inc.
PO Box 19534
Irvine, CA 92623
Allergan is the maker of prescription-only Restasis and all over-the-counter Refresh artificial tear products.

Soothe Emollient (Lubricant) Eye Drops
Alimera Sciences
6120 Windward Parkway, Suite 290
Alpharetta, GA 30005
Soothe is the first multi-dose lubricant eye drop to feature Restoryl, a unique lipid restorative that works to re-establish the lipid (oily) layer of tears to last up to 8 hours!

Systane, Tears Naturale, and Bion
Provides a discussion on which eye drops to use.

Advanced Vision Research
660 Main Street
Woburn, MA 01801
TheraTears products contain a patented electrolyte composition that precisely matches the human tear film.