Dry Eye Remedy

What Professionals are Saying about Dry Eye Remedy :

“Dr. Latkany has produced a remarkable guide for patients who have dry eye disease or are concerned that they might have this disease. In a comprehensive yet easy to understand format he provides a valuable treasure-trove of information to patients seeking to better understand the disease entity, it recognition and subtypes, approaches to treatment and management from pharmaceutical to life style. I can recommend this important patient guide with enthusiasm."
--Michael A. Lemp, M.D. Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology
Georgetown and George Washington Universities
Founding Editor-in-Chief, The Ocular Surface journal


“From causes and diagnosis to treatment options, this book is a great resource not only for Sjögren's Syndrome patients but anyone suffering from dry eye.”
--Steven Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation


“Dry eye is a real disease, with increasing prevalence and long-term effects if not treated properly…. Dr. Latkany's book is easy to read [and] is written to educate the consumer."
--L. Jo Parrish, Vice President, Society for Women's Health Research